Harmoni- Natural Adventures

Meet Harmoni, a natural from Brooklyn. Having the pleasure of knowing Harmoni personally, I had to interview her about her journey to being natural after seeing an uploaded picture of her gorgeous coils. 

I recently noticed that your hair is progressing and growing in beautifully, how long have you been natural now?

I have been natural for about two years I believe...

Was there something that influenced your decision to make that change? Or someone?

I just got tired of perming my hair....so I looked for another solution. Which I started out with locks and I cut out all the perm.

What do you enjoy most about your hair? How do people perceive your hair since I noticed you wear it out in your natural texture?

People pay a lot more attention to my hair and I receive tons of compliments daily.

With that gorgeous mane of yours, I know you have to have a daily regimen or routine. Do you mind sharing with that is, I mean I would love for my curls to fall in a similar fashion?

 My routine would have to be...I wear a silk cap to bed every night, I wash my hair on a daily basis (Tresseme Curl Enhancing Shampoo/Conditioner), I towel dry my hair then add my favorite Curl Enhancing Smoothie by Shea Moisture, & final some Dove volume boosting mousse (love it). I would blow dry my hair if I want my hair to have a lot of volume or just let it air dry if I am in a hurry.

What products do you think have saved your life or products that are you favs?

 Shea Moisture has awesome products (they are all organic/which is awesome for your hair), Chi has a great heat protecting formula, BB mayonnaise & honey hair strengthener, IC inter cellular hair polisher w. UV protection for those hot days to protect your hair from the sun.

Any last remarks? Any advice  you want those who are thinking about becoming natural to know?

My advice for others who are thinking to go natural is..."DO IT"(make sure you in it for the long run though) you will not regret it at all.

Her decision to go natural has her hair flourishing. I can tell that she is more confident in herself. I look forward to following her journey.

To contact Harmoni, you can reach her on Facebook.