Himba Women - A Tribe of Natural Beauty

Known to be the true beauty of the world, Africans have always created a style of which has been unique. Recently I ran across a webpage about life in Africa and seen some of the most creative and beautiful woman I have ever seen. 

Himba Tribe is a tribe located in Namibia, which is apart of Southern Africa. Natural beauty at it's finest. The women usually cover their-self with a mixture called otijize which is of butter fat and ochre. It is said that it is to protect themselves from the sun. What the otijize does is give their skin a reddish tint, which symbolizes Earth's rich red color and the blood that symbolizes life, this is consistent with the Himba ideal of beauty.

If you notice, the women have something in their hair. Unique enough, the women braid each other's hair with plastic hair and then cover it in their ochre mixture. 

Beautiful. Love and embrace our ancestry. Look how beautiful their skin is...