How I Safely Flat Iron My Hair

Well, I document almost EVERY thing I do to my hair. This obsession has got me really going crazy. I mean, this is the healthiest, strongest and longest my hair has ever been in my adult years.

I often get asked how do I flat iron my hair, how often, and how long does it normally stay straight?

How Often Do I Flat Iron:
Well, I flat iron my hair once bi-weekly. I make sure that I use heat protectant and spray sheen before I use the heat. So far, no harm has been done to my hair. Heat does not have to be the devil if you are taking proper precautions to ensure the health of your hair. I never blow-dry and flat iron anymore, I stopped that 2 years ago. I only air-dry.

How Long Does It Last:
My hair usually stays straight for a week or a little longer as long as moisture does not hit it. Remember I'm a natural so my hair will curl/shrink/and bush up all at the same time at the drop of water.

How Do I Flat Iron: (this is what works FOR ME)

  • On clean, air-dried hair, I part into four sections, clip each section with a pin, elastic band, etc...
  • Start with the back sections, take one section (1/4 of hair) and put a dime size amount of heat protectant through the section. Make sure you hit the ends and the strands. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH. It will make it stiff, greasy (bad experience before).
  • Part that section into thin slices about as thick as the come is, pin up the loose hair, began flat ironing the loose hair from room to tip. Do it in a C like motion as you are bringing the iron down.
  • Continue to do the rest that is pinned up. 
  • After you are done with that section, move on and continue to repeat the steps above for the next sections.
Simple right? Look at my process below. Video tutorial to come very soon. Be on the lookout.
Process from beginning to end. Let hair air dry, comb out hair gently, then flat iron. Done

Other straight hair pics as a natural