Wash-N-Go Easy and Quick

I got tired of the flat hair, so I decided to co-wash and wear curly. These styles are so quick and easy that I should not even have an excuse for a bad hair day. 

Well, long story short, it got rained on after looking so cute and all the curls dropped to this

Luckily with my wash-n-go's I can do "touch-n-go" styles like so...

My new favorite style to do is something I call "mariposa" meaning butterfly. I love doing this quick lil' bun-like thingy. 

Successful wash-n-go:

  • wash with only conditioner, moisture enriched
  • Do not put a towel over your head to dry, instead put on a shower cap or scarf around hair.
  • Wait for 5 minutes to let the water be soaked up in the scarf, or if using shower cap, let water drip off into cap and slowly remove.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner and run through hair
  • Begin to scrunch hair but not to rough
There ya go,