A (Near) Perfect Braid-Out

Everyone loves a good braid-out. The style is easy and quick for most. 

What you will need:

  • Regular sized comb
  • Oil (I use JBCO)
  • Scrunchie
Usually, I do it on hair that was once a wash-n-go. Since my hair is not tangled when in wash-n-go's, I can usually just part and slowly comb out the hair to begin my braid. I almost forgot to mention, I use my homemade oil on my scalp, massaging it in as I go. Take a small size of leave-in conditioner/oil and rub through hair, making sure to hit the ends. 

Now you are ready to part and braid. I do two on the side with the rest going straight back. The smaller the braids are done, the more tiny crimps/curls you will have. In my opinion, I like the fuller look so I do mid-sized braids.

After you are finished braiding hair back, tie the scrunchie at the bottom of hair going the whole way down like above, I found this to have a more "curl" towards the end upon take-down.

Only thing left to do is spray over with water, not soaking wet, but enough for the braids to be moist.

Now all you need to do is wrap (if you choose) and wait for a few hours. The longer you keep the braids in, the more the look works. On the braid-out that I did, I air-dried and left them in overnight (about 6 hours).


Unleash the scrunchie, in the same direction that you braided, take the braids down in reverse to that slowly or it will be more frizzy. Simple.
You can fluff the hair after you are down to remove the "parts" that are in the hair. Just don't fluff to much or it will become bushy.

Mission Completed! You should now have a look similar to mine