Rasheeda Frost...Real Hair, Don't Care!

If you noticed Rasheeda, I guess most consider her the "rapper of the south," is a natural hair artist. In one of her blog videos she answers the questions that most want to know.

1)Is your hair real?
2)Are you natural?
3)What race/nationality are you?
To summarize the video, yes she is a natural, DIY, wash-n-go type of girl. Straight African-American and loves to just shake her hair and be on the move. My type of girl!
So after drooling over how beautiful her hair is, I had to try this hairstyle out.
Of course I will add my own twists to it but I really think this style is cute for her face. Similar to the frohawk  that is posted below. In conclusion, tonight I will do a similar style and post up later today.  XoXo Extra pic of her flat ironed hair