Something a Little Different.

I love doing quick, little-cute like styles in my hair. I love the versatility that it carries. So I tried something new this past week and absolutely love it.

First I had to Deep Condition my hair because it was way over due. I also knew that I was going to the beach with my other half so I had to get moisture into my hair before hand. I usually deep condition with Dr. Miracle's packet or that ORS replenishing packet.

I deep condition under a cap with at least 45 minutes depending on what I feel like doing to my hair.

The Dr. Miracle packet has a tingling effect once left on and continues even after you wash it out. It makes the hair so soft that you can just run your fingers through without any tangles or curles getting stuck.

After washing out the deep conditioner, blot your hair dry. I put together a photo show my usual process for this type of style I am doing.

  1. Blot hair until water is not dripping.
  2. Apply leave in conditioner and some oil onto hair, rub it through, don't use to much or it will weigh hair down.
  3. Part the front section of hair to be under-braided (twisted or whatever you want to do)
  4. Apply some jam/gel to the edges, only a smudge amount.
  5. Begin to twist/braid hair 
  6. Do the other side of that part, the same exact way.
  7. Once complete, put hair into a banana clip wherever you decide to put the puff (I did mine in the middle top)
  8. Now all you have to do is pin the side braids/twists up underneath of the banana clip and hold them in place with bobby pins. 
Mission complete!

You can fluff as you like or pin into a bun with the clip intact. Play around with it until you find something that you like. 

Here are a few pictures of my hair after doing the above steps.