Many of you are familiar with this woman from the hit show "The Game" that now comes on BET. Her hair as been on my mind since I first seen her. Gorgeous hair! Natural, full and thick. Well some may claim it is from her Korean heritage....but I think that her hair is more of African texture since Korean hair is known to be flat straight.

Whatever her hair comes from, we all drool over it. Well she has said that she gets her hair trimmed EVERY 8 WEEKS. Amazing how quickly it grows back. She also gets deep conditioning treatments regularly. Currently her hair is hip length, per a photo she uploaded to instagram. She made a comment about how it was time for her trim.

She has this "self-created" style she always wear, in which, I have been seen copied numerous times. It is somewhat of a ninja bun like so:

With good hair practices, trims, and deep conditioning, you too can have beautiful, thick, healthy hair!