I love for my hair to have some type of shine to it. What better way to make it shine and to make it extra soft? Oil rinse. 

Okay, oil rinsing is when you use essential oils to rinse hair. I usually do it before conditioning hair. I  know some people do not shampoo their hair afterwards but I use a no sulfate shampoo so hair will not have that "oily" affect as I had experienced before.

Olive oil nourishes, conditions, and improves the strength and elasticity of your hair.

I normally begin on dry hair.

  1. Mix oils if you like. I used olive oil and cedar-wood oil.
  2. Section off hair and begin to apply enough oil from root to tip
  3. Baggy hair and leave it covered for at least 25 minutes
  4. Rinse hair out
These next few steps are optional but is my normal routine.
  • After oil rinsing, follow up with a no sulfate shampoo
  • After shampooing, use a moisture rich conditioner
  • Set hair as usual.
I shampoo after the oil rinse simply to make sure hair is not too oily so I can flat iron after air-drying.

The above pics are after oil rinsing before flat ironing. this is just wrapped