I recently got asked what my transitioning regimen was like and although I transitioned for exactly 17 months, I didn't have an exact format that I followed directly.

I basically was doing a trial and error method, where I had to find what worked for me instead of doing what worked for someone else. Jumping onto band wagons and spending a considerable amount of money on products every different "what's hot" item, just wasn't working for me. 

I had tried growth aids, hundreds of shampoos and conditioners, different hairstyles every other day, weaves, and everything else you can think of. What I learned about doing all of that was that I was doing much more damage than originally. 

 I did the bunning thing for a while and noticed that it was breaking my hair. Some have success with bunning but I was one of those who did not. I had to cut several inches off to get it back to health because it was growing in thin, plus breaking at the end.

What did work for me was to deep conditioning regularly. I DC at least once a week. After I DC, I would make sure it was very moisturized, then put the hair in a banana clip. I would even flat iron every other week with no ill effects. Oil rinses also contributed to the strength and elasticity of my strands.

So basically the (re)start of my healthy hair journey was March 2011 (pic to the left), in which I was cut down to just below ear length. Most of the relaxed ends were cut off. Only 2 inches remained.

From March 2011 until August 2011, I babied my hair as if it was the most sensitive thing in the world. I still flat ironed every other week, still deep conditioned and still oil rinsed. I oiled my scalp daily, and kept those ends moisturized with creams and oils.

It turned out that I found what worked for me. No set pattern and look at the results. The pic below was taken in August 2011. That was only 5 months between and I was scraping APL.

Let's fast forward to where I am today, Almost a year and a half later after being ear length I made it to BSL.

To conclude: You have to find what works for your hair. It's okay to try different techniques, trial and error is okay, that's how you learn. But as soon as you notice a change in the wrong direction, fix it. Find out the cause. The main things to get you through your transition period is:

  • Deep Conditioning once a week
  • Oil Rinsing once every other week to soften the new growth
  • Keeps the ends moisturized  daily
  • Don't hop on every band wagon
  • Listen to your hair
  • Wrap your hair nightly
  • Do styles that do not constantly pin your hair down