Have e job interview? Or do you just need to maintain a "professional" appearance at work? I collected a few options to keep you from growing bored with your hair and look great at work. Something to enhance your appearance. Did you know that certain hairstyles you wear to work are someone's first impression of you. Say if you come into work looking like any of the images below

do you really think people will take you serious? I mean come on, instead of listening to you, the focus is going to be on your messed up, ugly hairstyle. Picture your doctor entering your room, or attorney walking into the courtroom with these styles. If I was the client, I would request all fees be paid for the humiliation of being represented by such craziness.

So let's see some styles that do make you look good. 

For the interview:

For the naturals who do not wish to straighten:

 For the ladies with short hair. These look great for interviews or the first day on the job:

These styles are to shock your new co-workers. You will surely draw attention to yourself.