Did you ever consider wearing weaves or wigs to grow out your hair. Whether you are transitioning, natural, or relaxed, I've encountered several people who use weaves, braids, or wigs to less manipulate their own strands. By the way, when I say wearing weaves, I mean non-glue weaves.

One of the many people who come to mind while transitioning to natural is Reniece. The hair infamous hair stylist who helps her clients retain length and health through her weaving services. She went from broken and relaxed, to past waist length natural within four years. And not just length, but health of the hair was also phenomenal. Check out her other clients that she has helped. 

Not only here, but several others have also had success with this method during their transitioning. Honestly, I tried this method in the past, but was unable to stay on that path. I like to feel my real hair and change it every other day or so, so this method did not work for me. Main thing in whatever you decide to do, just keep your real hair moisturized and always, always deep condition.

  1. Make sure your hair is washed and deep conditioned the day you fix the weave
  2. Make sure you take care of your real hair under the weave
    1. Use a moisturizing spray to moisturize your plaits underneath
    2. If you have an itchy scalp put a natural oil like extra virgin olive oil in an applicator bottle and apply it to your scalp. Then use your fingers to massage it in
  3. Try to use a weaving net or weaving cap to reduce the stress on your hair
  4. Try not to keep your weave in for too long, 1-1.5 months maximum
  5. For those of you that keep your weaves longer than a month wash and deep condition you hair underneath.Use an applicator bottle to apply shampoo and conditioner to your hair underneath. However make sure you dry your real hair thoroughly to prevent mold from growing in your plaits.
  6. Make sure when you take out your weave; you use a wide-tooth comb to thoroughly comb out all your shed hair. (Note that your hair sheds 50-100 strands a day…. If you multiply that by the number of days in a month, or however long you keep your weave in, that’s a lot of strands). If you don’t comb out the shed hair your hair will mat and tangle…. then its breakage city.
  7. Make sure when you take out your weave you wash and deep condition your hair again. In fact every time you wash your hair you should deep condition!
  8. Before fixing another weave try and let your hair rest for a week or two, so that you can get some weekly deep conditioning sessions in.
Weaves are pretty low maintenance. The most important thing, is to keep your real hair moisturized and healthy underneath.