Well the time has come, I am doing my own form of the curly girl challenge for this month as promised. Since it is October 1st, what better time to begin than now. Yesterday, I washed, deep conditioned hair and wrapped it up while it was still wet. I didn't wrap it as you would a wrap, but just stuffed the hair into my bonnet and left it over night. Believe it or not, it gives off a scrunchy, curly look and also keeps the hair soft.
I don't have a set regimen for this challenge, but I do know that I will co-wash every two days with a moisture -rich conditioner. Wrap hair nightly with the bonnet to maintain my curls over night. In the morning (if needed), use a spray bottle with a mixture of water, conditioner, and some oil to give me the desired look I am seeking. Every other day, use my homemade growth oil mixture to oil my scalp. And lastly, run a quarter size amount of oil through my hair before wrapping it up.

I took a pledge to myself, not to straighten my hair until November 14th. So that actually give me almost a month and a half for this challenge. I am about 6 inches away from WL, my goal is to reach MBL by the end of this year. During this challenge, I will either do a fancy bun or a banana clip style to help me change things up a little bit.