Celebrity Hair: Karlie Redd

It seems as if Karlie Redd from Love & Hip-Hop ATL is holding other secrets besides for her age and secret to her youthful looks. It seems as if she is holding out on her secret to naturally beautiful hip-length hair. I searched thoroughly for a hair regimen or products that she uses, but she seems to hold all the information back for an upcoming product line.

Karlie Redd, Karlie Lewis, or Keisha Lewis, whichever you choose to call her, first stood out as a cast member on Vh1’s “Love & Hop-Hop Atlanta,” who had a love interest in the rapper Benzino. I on the other hand, like so many others, found her to be the same woman in SYFY’s “Scream Queens” in 2010. Even then, her hair was always in the best of shape.
It is a known fact that she wears weaves, as she promoted the release of her own hair extension line, Redd Remy Hair.  During an interview, Karlie said the only reason she wears hair extensions is to add the effect of fullness to her hair. She also wears weaves to not put too much stress on her naturally long hair with curlers.

Karlie Redd came from a Trinidadian family. Born in New York City, her early years were brought up back in her come country of Trinidad. When asked how long her real has was via twitter, Karlie Redd instagramed an image stating that her real hair is longer than the weaves she wears (Image to the left). She also stated that the women in her family all have hair just as long. She gives credit to her East Indian bloodline for the length of her hair.
Karlie’s hair stretches beyond her hip. It is unclear if she is natural or relaxed but the health of her locks seems to be naturally shiny with lots of body. She does use heating appliances to give her the sleek look or to add curls for a fuller look when she is not in extensions.
For more information on Karlie Redd’s hair line, visit the website REDD REMY HAIR. The hair appears to be of great quality and looks very soft. The prices start at $105.00. The hair comes in different textures as well.

Additional images:

To get this look, do a loose braid out on flat ironed hair. Put four to five cornrows in the hair and leave in for five hours for loose waves. Take down slowly after desired time has passed. For deeper creases, leave in overnight. Fluff the hair lightly for fuller look.