End of the Year Length Check

I pretty much documented my ups and downs this year. Overall I am extremely happy with my growth. 

Reflecting back through this year, I had a few set-backs that I am still working on. If you remember, there was a section in the middle that I had to constantly trim because it was thin, short, and easily to break. I figured out that it was the way I was flat ironing. So to fix this, I trimmed off those broken ends to start with. I added a protein treatment into my regimen, and lastly, I flat ironed a different way. 

Another set-back was recently. which is also a result of flat ironing too much. My hair started shedding like crazy. I mean I could not even lay down without hair falling everywhere. If I ran my hands or anything brushed against my hair, almost a ball sized amount would fall out.    

So to fix the above, I stopped flat ironing every week again. Seems to be getting under control now.

I hope  you all had as much growth or health to your hair as I have had this year. I have to admit that this is the longest my hair has ever been in my adult years. I am almost past BSL and very excited. I get so many compliments about my hair and also get asked soooo many questions. I love talking hair care. I love giving advice. I love helping others.

Sooooo the moment that you have been waiting for has now arrived. Let's preview the last length check that I did. 

Now for this month, I trimmed it for the new year. I am still BSL and aiming to hit MBL by June. Do you know how much I would be swinging my hair then? Wouldn't me able to tell me NOTHIIIINNNG!!

Stay tuned for the plan for the New Year.