OIL RINSING: Hair’s claim to health

Oil rinsing is using essential oils or hot oil treatments to rinse hair. This is often referred to as pre-pooing the hair before your normal wash routine.

When I first found out about oil rinsing, I was clueless as to what it was. Naturally, I began researching the purpose and discovered that oil rinsing has many effects including combating dryness, providing strength to strands, and adding shine to dull hair. I began pre-pooing (oil-rinsing) to strengthen the strands and to promote growth by giving the scalp a massage with the oil while I waited to rinse the oil out. The results were incredible. It seemed to have given my hair life. It seemed sleeker and much shinier. You should give it a try even if you feel as if your hair is in a healthy state; this is guaranteed to give it an extra boost.

Types of Oils
The first oil that I ever used to oil rinse was an Indian brand, Brahmi Oil. Massaging this oil into the hair and scalp gives hair the additional nutrition to prevent hair loss. By massaging, you increase the blood circulation to the scalp, so with the aid of this oil, you are also strengthening the roots to promote healthy hair growth. This product is a coconut oil base and a part of a network of Ayurvedic oils to stimulate hair growth.

·         After the first use, hair was noticeably softer and shinier
·         With continued use, hair seemed to grow in healthier
·         Promotes hair growth rapidly
·         Also used as a relaxation therapy oil when massaged into the scalp
·         This product uses all natural ingredients

·         My only complaint with this oil is that it smells horrible
·         This product is also very pricey

                                EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL:

The second choice I recommend to do oil rinsing with is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also referred to as EVOO. This oil preserves and restores the elasticity of your hair. It helps rid the hair of pollutants accumulated from normal daily activities (sweat, sun, etc.).
·         Excellent Sealant: Use this oil for sealing moisture into your hair.
·         Makes hair softer
·         Makes hair noticeable lighter instead of weighted down
·         Can be used as a detangler
·         Can use this oil to do an HOT (hot oil treatment)
·         All natural product, no harmful effects

·         Can be messy when applying


This oil has been used for centuries as hair oil. Coconut Oil helps build strong strands, provide nourishment that is not available in daily diet and also gives a healthy scalp. 

·         Holds moisture in
·         Great for styling with heat
·         Nourishes dry/brittle hair
·         Stimulates healthy hair growth
·         Promotes a healthy, clean scalp for maximum growth potential
·         All natural product

§  None

When considering Oil Rinsing, always check the ingredients just in case you may have an allergy. There are so many oils out there that can be used as an alternative to the above mentioned. Essential oils are usually mixed with the above oils to provide added strength, to rid itchiness, stimulate scalp or to further condition the hair. Some like peppermint oil or rosemary oil in their EVOO because you get a tingly-scalp-stimulating effect when placed in the hair/scalp.

Usually oil rinsing is done as a pre-poo (before shampooing hair). There is another way to oil rinse as well. You shampoo first, then oil rinse (leave oil on the hair/scalp for 15 minutes), then rinse out the oil. You can follow-up with a moisturizing conditioner.