This year in hair has been one all about embracing Black hair. Either someone is going natural, big chopping, showing off their natural hair or trying a daring color. Well how about those that had the best weaves for the year? I’m talking about the kind of weaves that you have to second guess if it they are actually extensions or not; the kind of weaves that you would get into arguments with your best friend over.

Let’s take a look at the best of the best weave wearers of 2012

1. KEKE PALMER: For a young lady, this girl can rock a nice weave as if she was born to do so. You can never tell when she is wearing a weave or her own her, which is naturally long in length. During an interview, Keke stated that she likes wearing weaves because she can experiment a little more with different looks.  In her video “You Got Me” Keke is wearing New York Remi Wave at a length of 24 inches. You can buy the same weave at the HairFactory website. Although they are a little pricey, the after look is well worth it.
2. Gabrielle Union: You have to just love Gabby. This 40-year old beauty has a lot to be thankful for, especially her hair stylist, who always leaves a question swirling around in my mind.

No matter where you see Gabielle Union, her hair is always laid out perfectly. I’m pretty sure you will never catch her hair looking “rachet.”

Ms. Union tweeted out pictures of her natural hair, without any perm, or treatments this summer and she actually has beautiful, healthy hair and a nice length. She attributes her healthy hair to wearing weaves. She wears her weaves for six weeks at a time and always gets protein/moisture treatments between installs.
Since it’s a blend between her own hair and the extensions, detecting which is weave and which is “real”, is hard to tell.

3. Lauren London: Lauren’s hair is so on point; I had a hard time differentiating between her real hair and the weaves. Her weaves are just overall in the top 5, no matter what shot of her you see, best believe that hair is on point. Lauren is known to wear Brazilian hair measuring at 26 inches in length. The Brazilian hair gives that sultry, soft look that she is known for.

 4. Mehgan James: Bad Girls Club was nothing less than entertaining with Mehgan. Her favorite three topics on the show were 1) Being Obama’s stepdaughter, 2) Her expensive weave, and 3) Beating the next chick down.

Well whether anyone wants to admit it or not, besides for being a bad girl, her weaves were also bad. She made sure she protected those strands at whatever cost. Anyone notice how quick she was to pull that hair up in a bandanna or a ponytail when it was time to get it on?

5. Teyana Taylor: You can tell this chick spends good money on her weaves. Every day she is asked if that is indeed her real hair or not. Even though sources say it is indeed her hair, which is argumentative, several times it was proven that her hair is indeed a weave. People even went as far back to her childhood pictures and you can clearly tell the difference. Either way, her hair lands her in this list simply because it’s gorgeous, undetectable, and makes her look fierce.