This year I want to have the healthiest hair possible. I'm talking about me giving up the flat iron for 60 days. I know this is going to kill me but I have to be strong. Due to the breakage and split ends that I have been experiencing, this is a must. I also think that it is due to my lack of putting in heat protectant like I normally would.

There are several styles I plan on using to help me with this 60 day challenge. I found that when I wet wrap my hair with wrapping lotion and some oil, it comes out pretty straight.

For the first month, I am going to use braids as a means of protective styling. That way I do not have to use heat and do not have to constantly style. Currently I am wearing my hair like the images below.

I will probably just wear a bun for the next month, something like I wore the day before the New Year

so I did a length check for the beginning of this challenge. Good luck for those who chose to join me. Just remember to keep those ends sealed