Never heard of Kandyse McClure? Well I knew of her since I first seen her in the 2002 movie "Carrie." She played the character Sue. You know, the one with the beautiful curly natural hair that made her stand out from the other girls. Well, yea that's her.  She also was known for her role playing Anastasia Dualla on the Sci Fi Channel's television program Battlestar Galactica.

To me Kandyse is absolutely stunning. She is one of the most beautiful African American women I have seen. Puts me in the mind of Kerri Washington. Kandyse McClure is pure African. Born in Durban, South Africa.

"I danced so hard I arrived with straight hair and left with a head full of curls."

Her natural curls give her a exotic look that is the pure beauty in our African features. We have features that stand out like no other.

Her hair appears to be in the 3a range. She also seems to enjoy a lot of wash-n-gos with some type of gel to keep the curls intact without any springy ones sticking up, like I would normally get. In a bio I read of her, she talked about how growing up in S.A, she would either be considered black or white. There was no in between there. She explained the struggle it was as they classified her as  "colored but other." They were teaching her to accept whites and to fear dark colored. That was one reason she wanted to branch away and find who she really was. This was all judged by her hair type. Cruel world.

below are more pictures. hopefully she appears on the big screen in something that will put her up there with the other stars.