CELEBRITY HAIR: Garcelle Beauvais

We all remember her as Fancy on the Jamie Foxx show. I remember her because of her beauty. She always just had beautiful skin to me that I always wished I had. You know, that flawless clear skin. Well did you also know that she is Haitian? Of course you did.

Anyway, I always loved her braidouts/twistouts. I tried to find her hair-care regimen and I mean I tried hard but for some reason, she doesn't really talk about her hair practices. Go figure. However, I did find a couple of picture of supposedly her "naked hair."

Garcelle Beauvais seems to have relaxed hair, I could be mistaken but I doubt it. And it also appears her natural texture (judging from the images of her needing a bad touch-up), she seems to fall right into a type 4b. Either way, her hair stays gorgeous with extensions or without.