I am a big fan Mary Mary. I love their music and most of all, I love their reality show. They show how they are positive African-American women who are on their grind and keep it all about God, family, and living life for fulfillment. 

I also like how they are very expressive, don't let that church music fool you. Especially sister Tina Atkins-Campbell, boy oh boy is she expressive. 

Always ready for the camera, both sisters always look fabulous, down to their hair and make-up. Have you noticed their naturally long hair? Best believe I noticed it. I am assuming they are using the weaves as protective styles for their hair. In that industry, your hair goes under a lot of abuse.

There aren't many shots of their real hair online, but of course, I managed to find a few. Hope you enjoy what I did find. Tina is a hard one to find online.  But she did state elsewhere that they are both naturals who wear their hair straight and protected under weaves.