Quick and easy style that just about anyone can do in less than five minutes flat.

Materials needed:

  • Scrunchy
  • two or three bobby pins (depending on your hair thickness)
  • Comb or brush (if you want a sleek look. I did not comb or brush hair at all. This was done on a wash and go)
  • Hair spray/gel/jam to slick sides down if you want
How to:
  1. Part a small section on one side of your head in the front for a leave out. Section must be big enough for manipulation. (see image above; click to enlarge)
  2. Take the remaining hair and pull it to one side of your head and put the scrunchy around it. Preferably the opposite side of where you plan to put your "bang" (front section) 
  3. With that ponytail, make a loose bun and spread it towards the side.
  4. Pin down loose ends that stick up if you want a clean look.
  5. Move on to the front section. You can simply leave a bang out or pin to the sides. See video for options.
  6. Look complete.

Youtube Video