Who says you can't have healthy hair while using heat on a consistent basis? Okay, wait, let me rephrase that...Who says you can't have healthy hair while frequently using heat no more than once a week? There. That is better. 

I never really had any trouble using heat often. Only time I really had trouble with heat use was during my relaxed days when I would perm, color, blow dry, and then flat iron a few times within the same week. Now that I look back and think about those times, I see that was my problem. That and not moisturizing my hair. I was doing all of this on dry, damaged hair AND WITHOUT ANY TYPE OF PROTECTANT. How crazy was I?

Well I was doing my usual browsing through youtube and came across a youtuber who uses heat 3-4xs a month with no damage. Her hair journey is inspiring. 

Check out her story: