"How am I going to wear my hair for prom?" Don't worry, I have done several heads for events like proms or homecomings. I find that in order to pick out the type of hairstyle you want, you must first have your dress picked out. Believe it or not, certain dresses, match a particular hairstyle.

If you are wearing a long dress, try wearing your pinned up: It makes you appear more elegant and shows off your face more.

If you are wearing a short dress, try wearing your hair straight down with a little curl underneath: I don't know, it makes it sexy and stylish to me. Also, if you're one of those girls who is going "too short" with the dress, it will take some of the focus off of the dress and more to your face and hair. =) Just thought I would throw that in here.

If you want something not so normal or formal, wear an updo or retro sleek styles. You could even try "natural" textured hair.

Other style options: