Finally I have a break from work and decided to write as many posts/articles as I can this week for the readers. I received report that I had over 5000 readers last month and I am hoping to get past that this month.

Therefore, I am mapping out a plan of action to keep me on track weekly. I will continue to do this since it seems easier as far as keeping interest of myself and everyone else as well.

Sundays: Hairstyle of the week 
(This will give you the latest trend on quick, diy hairstyles that will keep you looking ready for the world)

Mondays: Surprise topic 
(I will choose what to discuss. General hair topics, such as,  hair growth products that actually work, what to do if hair is breaking for no obvious reason...)

Tuesdays: Hair from around the world 
(See how other cultures care for their hair)

Wednesdays: Celebrity hair 
(Your favorite celebrities and their hair care)

Thursdays: New product of the week
(hottest and newest hair item)

Fridays: Homemade recipes
 (Straight from the kitchen to help your hair)

Saturdays: Readers topic of choice
(Submit your topic of choice, what do you need help with?