I FAILED. I must take these box braids down tonight. As in RIGHT NOW. I miss my hair. I'm tired of looking ragged. And generally, I am bored. On top of everything else, we are in the middle of a freakin' heat wave. Come on!

After I take down, I plan on Deep Conditioning and either wearing a wash-n-go or a bun. Either way, I will feel much better. So much for lasting a month right? At least I am continuing the "No Heat" challenge. So don't shake your head too much at me.

ETA: I finally took down these braids after 6hrs of labor. Wow. You do not know how relieved I am. This 100+ weather in Brooklyn is too much. That + no AC is  a no-go.

I am about to DC overnight, then wear a wash-n-go for work tomorrow. I will gladly take pics.