In all of my years on this Earth, I have not discovered as much beautiful hair as I have seen on instagram. I mean there are some naturally and even relaxed beautiful black women with the most gorgeous manes. I mean manes that will have you literally drooling. I thought it would be cool to show some pictures.

This week I want to show EnvyMe_Mary. This beauty just happens to be a hairstylist with Aveda Institute. Our black is beautiful. Even if it is mixed with other blends. EnvyMe_mary says to be African-American, German, Cherokee, and Russian. 

What is amazing is, the products that she uses are not some high-end ordered from offline stuff, but products that you find in your local beauty supply stores. I spotted for this summer she is using Mane & Tail products as well as Shea butter leave-in conditioner repair cream.

Follow her instagram for more pictures and inspiration.