Yes, it is I. It has been so long. I finally got my laptop back this past Saturday the sixth. And I had to take time to give it love. As you recall, my laptop had a little injury that required immediate attention, okay, well not a serious issue but I could not type with the keyboard. 

Now that I am back, look forward to more posts. I had other means of making posts, but let's be real, who feels like typing through a cell or through an IPOD all the time? I like the type and go of a keyboard. That issue alone prevented me from posting. Also, I am working full time now since school has been out. This semester starts on August 28th, so between classes, and work, plus working out, I will try to post as much as possible to make up for lost time.

Thank you for the emails and the facebook links. I look forward to posting starting tonight. Any questions/comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Email: