Personally, it is too hot to be wearing all this added hair in the summer. With my natural BSL hair, I find it easy to just wash-n-go with a bun tuck, or a french braid down the middle. I even just rock a high banana clip so my hair will not bother me.

Usually I wear my personalized "spanish" bun when I'm tired. I mean I literally get so tired of this hair that I am so tempted to grab the scissors and cut it all off. But that would be stupid. So as of this summer, I find it simple to just wear box braids up into a high ponytail. That way my hair is still protected (with moisture rituals, and conditioning treatments) as well as not bothering me in this heat.

If you are one who is not into wearing box braids, and such, try going for the all natural wash-n-go look:

or a high bun
or try styles using banana clips. These are a few I have that have kept me cool during the heat

Regardless of what you decided to do, always make sure your hair is cleaned and moisturized to prevent breakage.