I honestly do not recall telling you all that I will not be using heat this summer. The last time that I used heat was June 3rd for my beautiful cousins graduation ceremony. For the past month of June, I basically did wash and gos, braidouts, or a twist and bun. I got so tired of this head full of hair at one point, I decided to cut it all off.

Luckily I didn't. So July 1st, I put box braids in for this month. Now you know how I get impatient, and bored with my hair easily, so my goal is to keep these in for the ENTIRE month. GASP! I hope I last that long, because honestly, as I am typing this, I feel like I had enough and want to do a wash-n-go.

Now I have vacation coming up the first weekend of August. Going to the beach baby. Aaah. Fresh air, fresh hair, and fresh weave is what I will be wearing. I plan on getting a sew-in done. self-install to be exact. Now with the install, I plan on keeping it in until the first week of September. I am just in a hurry to see how much my own hair has grown. Eager beaver.

So onto some pictures. I owe you all that much after that long break.

Okay, so I have to figure out why my pics are showing up sideways. I wanted to upload more pics than two, but IDK why pics are flipping on their own. Anywho, I'll chat with you all later. Smooches