As you know, I am currently writing an urban fiction novel entitled Broken Pieces. Being in this field, I have met and talked with a lot of other authors. But one in general stood out to me - Joy Deja King.

I read her books years ago. Started off with the Bitch Series and so on. Anyway, I started to notice that is was the same woman on every single book. Curious to say, I dug and found out that in fact it was Deja King herself. The first thing I noticed about her was her  beautiful hair. This is before I was into the whole "is she natural or relaxed" craze. But now discovering that she just pretty much "let's her hair go" meaning leaves it alone, I am in love with it even more.

Check out these pics and also check out her books. She also writes under the synonym Joy King. Also, she has a mixtape out as well.
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