You saw the previous post, so you know I can not use heat until the fall season is over. This week, my starting hairstyle of choice will be a braid out.

I did not wash my hair, I am doing my braids on old flat ironed hair from last week. To prepare my hair for the braids, I first combed through my hair. I sectioned it off into two sections - top half and bottom half.

I start gathering my materials that I will use.

  • Detangling brush
  • Profectiv Growth Lotion
  • Avocado Oil
  • Oil for the scalp (Optional, I use my homemade growth mixture so that my scalp will not be dry during the night)
  • A few scrunchies to tie the loose ends at the bottom if they do not stay braided, or you can use rollers

Starting with the bottom half, I oiled my scalp and massaged it in for a few minutes. I took a good amount of PGL and ran it from the follicles to the ends of my strands. I then took the detangling brush through it to make sure no knot would be present when I take down. I then took a dime sized amount of Avocado Oil and also ran it through my hair, focusing on the ends. I then started plaiting in sections. I do not know how many I put in  the back, but it was about six or seven. Now continue to repeat the steps to the front half.

After you have finished with the braids/plaits, tie up the ends with either scrunchies or rollers. Wet the hair a little bit with water. Get it damp, but not soaking wet.

As of right now, I'm sitting on this Sunday with plaits in my hair. Tomorrow will be the take-down. I will take pictures and post every day this week on how I am maintaining this plait out. Now who wants to join me in this Fall (No heat) Protecting/Low Maintenance Style Challenge? You get one heat pass.

Also, feel free to email me questions. I love to talk hair. Email Me Your Questions/Suggestions

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