I had to come and blog about this. I know this whole "black hair care" thing has been a topic for the past few years and is increasing in popularity for the whole "natural" phenomenon, but every since I had been on this "journey," there have even been men who have been complimenting my hair. Last summer, I was walking to the corner bodega when this guy out of nowhere was like "I love a black women with long flowing hair." LOL  That simple comment made me feel as if I finally graduated in the hair academy. Yaaay me!

This brings me to something that happened last night. Again, I had to run out to the bodega to grab some cranberry juice. I hate going outside when my hair is not done. Those are the times I always seem to run into someone that I know, in which I have not seen in forever, ugh! So I had used some oil, and a profectiv product, then put two braids in my hair, then continued on to the store. As I am standing in line, there was two men standing on each side of me. One starts sniffing the hair and looking around. Me, already feeling as if I look like I done walked through hell, starts rushing the clerk to ring me up. Out of nowhere, the one guy to my left tells me I smell like Coconuts. I'm like "umm...okay." He said, "Did you just give yourself a conditioning treatment with Coconut and Olive oil?" I start giggling and let him in on why I looked like hell. I told him I was in fact "sealing" my hair for the night. Next thing you know, the guy to my right chimes in and adds, "Yea, my girl does that at night, but she uses olive oil mixed with shea butter." I'm staring at these two guys, like "WTF?" Lol

I dont know, but I thought it was actually funny how even black men are starting to pay attention to our hair care.