Can you say GAW-JUSSS!! I mean literally, GORGEOUS hair. Africa Miranda definitely has it made with her lucky curls/kinks. 

One night, I'm awake looking for something to watch when a show came on the Bravo Network. The show looked semi-interesting to me so I watched a little more hoping that it was full of black women since the show is based in Atlanta. I was in for a shock of my life, when Africa Miranda popped up on my screen with the most delicious curly fro I have ever saw. I mean the hair was so thick, so healthy, so luscious, that I almost made love to it from off the couch. Right away I went to research mode. I had to know who this beautiful woman with the even more beautiful hair was.

What I found out is that Africa is more than just a reality star, she is also a singer, and a fellow hair blogger. I believe she even belonged to a site I still frequent (LHCF).

It appears as though she takes VERY good care of her hair. I just have a few questions I would love to ask her. Maybe one day, when we both make it to the BIG time, I will have that chance to make just "touch it." (And I'm talking about the hair)

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