I remember a time when my hair was flourishing. I mean, growing to the point where it was so healthy and shiny that it appeared to be a wig. I want to get back to those days. And since I am on the "Fall No Heat Challenge," I decided to do what I used to do. What worked for me in the past.

My old regimen that got me where I am today was to do an oil treatment mid week, then do a Deep Conditioning treatment at the end of the week. I would always make sure that my hair was always moisturized. I also used to flat iron bi-weekly without any negative affects to my hair. It was growing in healthy, strong, and thick. I guess I stopped that regimen because I ended up getting too busy with life things.

Well now I'm back on it. As I type, I'm sitting underneath my hooded dryer doing a pre-poo oil treatment. The products I used are Herbal Oil from Africa's best, Cinnamon Oil, and Olive Oil. I sectioned off into four sections and applied the oil to my hair from the root to the end. I will sit under the dryer for approximately twenty minutes with my hair covered in a bag. (Since I ran out of shower caps, I just simply used a plastic shopping bag courtesy of Pathmark, don't laugh.)

After sitting under the dryer,  I shampooed and conditioned my hair with regular hydrating shampoo/conditioner. You then style as normal.

After I completed this process, I noticed how much smoother, shinier, and soft my hair was. 
The following pics are without any product after washing. I did comb through the first picture. Check the following post to see what I actually did to style my hair.