In an attempt to revamp my regimen, I decided to add on a few products while cutting back on unnecessary ones I have been using.

I decided to pick up 100% pure African Shea Butter and 100% pure Jamaican Coconut Oil.

I didn't know the Shea Butter was this thick or had a "spongy" type of feeling until applied to hair. I put Bantu Knots in my hair last night and this Shea Butter made it extremely soft. It also laid the Bantu Knots down. After a month, I will give my review of Shea Butter and and results I have gained or loss during this trail.
Shea Butter: Picture compliment of

As far as the Coconut Oil, I thought it was going to be an oil, but it was actually a thick solid block, until applied to body temperature to where it then turns into oil. I missed a portion of it into herbal hair grease, and Miconazole Nitrate 2%.  (Don't judge me, I will elaborate in the next post of my regimen). I applied to this my scalp only. Not to the strands of my hair because I do not want shedding to occur do to the MN.

 Again, I am taking before and after pictures to document this 30 day trial of these products. Wish me luck ladies.