I wanted a big curly fro that would come out something like the image above. I wanted the bomb, the big, the spiral curl look that I could later put into a frohawk. 

I found something that pretty much worked and I could do plenty of other styles besides a frohawk with the way the hair came out.

I know you want picture results of how MY hair turned out right? Well here you go!

Nice right? So you want to know the steps taken? Of course you do, and of course I love taking pics of my steps.

This time I start off with freshly washed hair. I let it air dry until the water stopped slipping off the hair. When it is about 85% dry, you make sure you have all of your materials.

  • Comb
  • Some type of curl gel (I used curls unleashed)
  • Shea butter
  • I start parting into two sections. Top half and bottom half.
  • With the top half, part with a pigtail comb a section to begin flat twisting.
  • With the section being about two fingers in thickness, apply a thin coat of shea butter on the strands.
  • Comb through it.
  • Apply the curl gel to the hair, a thin coat as well, but manly focus on the end.
  • Comb section again
  • From the top of the slit, separate to pieces of hair and begin twisting down towards the face, grabbing pieces of hair in the process.
  • Once you come towards the end, you will most likely have to come out the bottom half so that it will not tangle upon take down. Apply more gel to the ends. Twist the whole way down then begin to bantu knot. 
  • Wrap hair around and secure underneath hair or with a bobby pin. 
Finish the front section coming towards the front. Repeat the same thing for the back, with the twists going downwards.

Take down slowly, just unravel in the direction you twisted. For bigger hair, Pick apart twists slowly

Simple! Give it a try and send me some pictures of your style.