I love, love, love my hair. Thing is, we also have one of those "love-hate" relationships. Fortunately, I found a "go-to" style during those "I hate you" periods.

Flat twists can be done in various ways, either two stranded or just rolled. I prefer the two-stranded twist. Follow this tutorial to achieve the same look
 Start with freshly washed hair. Clean hair makes it shine when you apply products to it later.
  1. Let it air dry to about 85 - 90%. If hair is too damp, it takes soooo long to dry. Trust me, I did it many times and always failed at the twist out.
  2.  Separate the back half from the front half. 
  3. Starting with the front, begin parting nice slices of hair. Make sure it is not too thin and not too thick. 
  4. I used curls unleashed curling jelly (purple jar). Apply a thin layer to the piece you are about to twist. make sure to distribute through that section.
  5. Begin twisting with two strands downwards towards your face.
  6. At the end of this twist, put it into a bantu knot or you can use rollers. If your hair naturally curls at the end, you can also apply more gel and let the hair hang down.
  7. Go on to part the next section in the front, repeating the steps from #3 -6.
  8. After the front section is complete, begin the back.
  9. Have the twists in the back going in the direction down towards your back. Repeat steps until hair is completely twisted.

  10. Wait for  it to completely dry. Time varies depending on how thick you made the parts, how much product you put in, and how wet you begin when you twisted.
When you are about to untwist, use a little bit of olive oil to unravel. unravel in the opposite direction you twisted hair. Initially my hair came out like the following pics

I just decided to pin hair up and the curls begin to fall throughout the day. I hope you enjoyed my pic tutorial. 

For video directions, watch this video, i used the same format