I have to admit, I got a little over confident with my hair. As I stated before, the precautions I used to take with my hair, like the big major one - USING HEAT PROTECTANT.  I can not express to you how much that step before flat ironing is. Make sure you use heat protectant.

For the past few months, I have not being using it. And my hair has paid the cost to look fly. See how it does not have a strong curl. The right side curls, but the left side, NO definition at all.

Now, I have taking the proper care for it over the last few weeks and it seems as if they curl is reviving a little bit. But from what I hear, heat damage can not be repaired until it is cut off. Being the person that I am, I have to find out things for myself. I will try to repair the heat damage. It all else fails, then chop, chop, it goes!

Wish me luck loves.

The only side the curls and looks okay.

In the beginning my curls were popping out. I mean so defined, and ringly that I used to finger coil them. I loved it. I just hope they return.

The pictures below are of my natural curls before the heat damage back in 2011. After I had cut off the permed hair. It was never tightly coiled but it was more curlier than what it is now.