Day 19 through 21:
Okay, oil rinsed Wednesday night, and dry wrapped hair again. I wore the following styles all week.

Saturday, I washed and conditioned. After letting hair air dry over night, I decided to flat iron. It came out beautifully. I made sure I used heat protectant as always. So no complaints over here.

Okay well day 23 was pure hell for me. First I OD on Nyquil. So I was extra drowsy. Plus it was rainy outside all day, so I was just miserable. Now to complete this messed up day, I went left work, headed to my car that was parked down the block to find this:

A DAMN FLAT TIRE. IN THE RAIN. WITH THIS FRESHLY FLAT IRONED HAIR. AAAAHHHH. I looked a pure mess afterwards. All that time flat ironing went to waste. So I am here tonight as I type this update, re-flat ironing. Don't worry, this is my last time flat ironing for a while. My friend, who is natural, did not flat iron her hair for a whole year and finally did it for Christmas, only to find that her hair is hip length. YIKES. She had started off at APL. She mainly wore her hair in it's curly state everyday. I am sure going to try that approach.

This is the hair after the rain hit it.