A style that I found quick and easy to get me through one of those "unsure" days was a bun with a front swoop (which I call an accent).

I applied some hair lotion, a little bit of jam for the edges, and a little bit of olive oil to the ends throughout my hair.

Section off a portion in the front to make the "accent." It's up to you how much of an accent you want to swoop over. Until you are ready to mess with it, pin it down so you can focus on creating your bun.

The the bun in the back, the more bushier your hair, the bigger your bun will be. My hair is naturally bushy when it is air dried. I have thick hair. What I did was wet it a little bit to make it easier to stay in place once I started bobby-pinning it down. I took the hair into both hands and started twisting in one twist all the way down to the ends loosely.

Upon reaching the end of the twist, lightly roll up the hair and then pin down to the scalp. The sides should be very loose at this point and the middle part should be pinned down. You will now start with one side and pull upward around the part you already pinned down. It should form a donut of sorts. You repeat the same thing on the other side.  Pin down any stray aways and use some jam or other hair gel to get that smooth look on the sides of your hair.

Now we can focus on your accent. You have various options with this. You can swoop it straight. You can flat iron it for a sleek look. You can get creative and put some twists in it and then swoop it to the back, or you can just simply add a french spin to it by inverting the swoop.

I preferred just swooping it up and pinning it back. My style was complete.