Or something like it. As you know, I did suffer from heat damage due to not using heat protectant. I don't know why I had stopped using it, but I did and my hair suffered in the process.

I was left with no choice but to cut once I noticed the ends on my right side of the hair were very rough. I mean ROUGH to the point no matter how much oil or butter I put on it, it was soaked right up. The damn piece wouldn't even curl with the curling iron. However, it would curl naturally with water. WEIRD.

So now I chopped off most of my right side and it looks like I have layers. I gave myself a trim in the process. I'm actually loving the look. I cut the hair off about two weeks ago now, and everything seems to be headed back on track. Stay tuned for more progress shots.

(Images below are from last week after the chop. Looks good right?)

And the back looks like this:

I'm no longer BSL, but I know I will make it there before the end of summer. Watch me grow.