It has been a long time coming. Despite all the accusations of Nicki never showing her hair with a "proper" length check, she actually showed her hair in wet pics. I didn't know people could be in so much of an uproar of a "real hair" pic that does not show a person's face, arm tat, boobs, or whatever else. I mean I understand you want proof but damn is it REALLY that serious?
This was the image Nicki uploaded of her real hair and people went wild saying it was not hers.

After that fiasco, for a video shoot, Nicki released additional images of her hair, and yet people still insisted she was not revealing her natural hair, although evidence points to it being all of hers since there is no lumps, or abnormal look to the hair.

Hopefully for future reference, people can refer to this post to see Nicki Minaj's REAL hair with REAL photos of her showing her face and scalp.. 

Images below are of her REAL HAIR WITHOUT ANY WEAVE.

She even deep conditions!