I bought a wig yesterday. YIKES! I never wore a wig before, only weaves, so this is all new to me. When I first put it on, I thought it looked real "wiggy" so I made a few adjustments.

Since this is a synthetic wig I bought from the local BSS, I have to do a few more alterations to make it look good on me. I already added a few extensions in, now I'm going to do this "powder" trick to get rid of the shine. It was also longer, I cut it down.

Here is a set of pictures of the beginning to what it looks like now. Please do not laugh or judge, I didn't "make" myself up, I was just experimenting with the wigs, lol

(In order, as you can see the small adjustments I made to fit my face. I'm still not satisfied but this will be my protective style for this week.)