On "old" hair, I created this beautiful style out of my head. Of course I was bored, so I just wanted something different.

I didn't want to wear my hair out, so I opted for a bun. Now considering my features, a bun alone would not fit my face, so I decided to dress it up with "something" in the front. That "something" happened to be a loose braid down the side.

 How To Do:
The night before, I placed my hair into two buns. Half up, and half down. This is to create a wavy upon take-down in the morning.

After take-down, I separated a good portion of the front. I pinned it down until I was complete with the back.

In the back, for the bun, you gently use a wide-tooth comb so you do not make the waves created from the buns frizzy. You come to one side of your head. I used the left side to place the bun on. You wrap a scrunchie around twice and leave a few strands out to make it look like a neat "messy" bun.  Now the back is complete.

For the portion you left out for the bang, comb that piece down towards your face making sure all the kinks are out for easier braiding. It is up to you what side you place the braid on. I chose to do it on my right side since I have the bun on the left. But it is optional.

Loosely braid towards your face, bringing strands lower as you braid to the side. After you are complete with the braid, pin it up to the side.

For the loose ends that may be around your edges, you can use curling gel to finger coil, or you may do the old "baby hair" thing. Your' choice.

You have now completed the most easiest style that looks good to wear just about anywhere. Let me tell you, I got soooo man compliments that I had to take pictures all day. Lol