I was going to flat iron my hair for Easter Sunday, but then I thought about how successful I was during the last 30 days of no heat. (Okay, I lied, I didn't flat iron because I did not have any wrapping/setting lotion shhh!!) So instead I opted for the best thing I have been doing to my hair for the past 45 days, a braid out. I loved the way it came out on this image

Okay, well that is not the exact image after the last attempt but it was similar to that. I promise to take pictures tomorrow so you can see the results.

I did not wash my hair, although I did cowash 2 days ago. I oiled my scalp with a special mix. Then I used hair lotion and Dr. Miracles strengthening creme on my scalp and ends. I did not use any gel, or spray while braiding. I know some people prefer to use some sort of holding gel, but that just does not work out too well with my hair. 

I parted my hair into five straight back sections evenly. One braid being in the middle, and two on each side of that braid, in a cornrow format. With each section, I applied the lotion and creme, brushed through so no tangles would occur as I was braiding. 

After I completed all the braids, I ran some more hair lotion over the braids and wrapped my hair. Right now I feel tingling on my scalp. I'm wondering if it is that Dr. Miracles, or my own mixed oil that contains Eucalyptus Oil.

Any questions, feel free to hit me up.