I have my co-worker just as obsessed as I am with hair. I mean, all she does is talk about hair, day in and day out, on my texts and in my email, in front of patients, while I'm on the phone with patients, or even while we are in a meeting, all I hear is about hair. I LOVE IT. I had convinced her to go natural over a year ago, and she is so happy with her choice. She is trying all kind of styles with her that that makes me proud.

Okay, now the point of this post, she wanted a hairstyle sort of like a braided up mohawk. Something like the image below:

Thing was, she wanted me to try it first. Well, I did it. Except I didn't do both sides, I just did one due to my head looking abnormal when both sides are up, lol 

Waiting for the results? Before I show you, just know that everyone loved it. I received so many compliments that I was full of myself. Okay, enough talking, here you go: