This summer, I am determined to get the most out of my growth. I know I have not updated any length checks in a while, but I have trimmed again since the last trim. My hair is currently back scraping my brastrap once again. It seems like I get over that hump but then have to trim back down due to damage.

This time around I am writing out, well typing out, my regimen and pinning it on this page to remind myself of what I set out to do as far as my summer hair goes.

Week One:

  • Sunday: I will flat iron my hair and do a summer length check.
  • Monday: Wrap hair as normal. Use JBCO on my ends
  • Tuesday: Oil scalp. Do nothing special.
  • Wednesday: Nothing
  • Thursday: Same as Monday
  • Friday: Same as Tuesday
  • Saturday: Same as Wednesday
Week Two:
  • Sunday: Oil-Rinse, shampoo, conditioner, prepare hair for flat twist out
  • Monday: Leave hair in twists. Oil in between twists.
  • Tuesday: Unravel. Wear hair curly. Pin up at night into a pineapple, or four big bantu knots
  • Wednesday: Unravel, put hair to one side. Curly half fro for the day
  • Thursday: Oil hair and scalp.Pin up into same style as Wednesday
  • Friday: Four bantu knots, then unwrap them. Pin hair up.
  • Saturday. Same as Friday. Prepare for wash day (Sunday)
Weeks Three and Four are not determined yet. But for now, I'm going to keep this schedule as so, and update when I feel something has changed. 

Tata, my luvs