I love taking pictures of different hairstyles I do. And just like last time with this challenge, I will document many different styles I create. So far for days one through five, I washed my hair, deep conditioned it, and wore a bun for the first three days. For the last two days, I wore a braid out. Nothing spectacular but a lot of my patients loved the big hair.

This is my hair with no product after a fresh wash:

This is a reverse bun that I did. I loved how big and full it was. I received many compliments on it.

And the braid out I have wore yesterday. 

Tonight, I may cowash, and wear a big bun or wear a nice wash and go to one side, or I may try to find someway to preserve this braidout. Either way, I will snap a few pictures. I fought so hard not to use the flat iron on Monday. Lol