Damita! I thought you were gonna play with MY frog?
Your frog ain't jumpin' in my direction!
There's a new tadpole in town.

          Who remembers the classic movie Class Act from 1992? I may have been young at the time but I still remember I was too happy to see a dark skin black woman portrayed as the object of interest in the movie. More importantly, I loved the way the actress, Alysia Rogers, who played the role of Damita, always had her hair in fresh, feathered, bang to the side, straight from the salon in your momma's kitchen, curling ironed straight hair. 
Her hair was so thick and beautiful back then that I had to see how she (and her hair) are holding up these days. To my surprise, Alysia Rogers is still beautiful, and still has even more beautiful hair. I'm talking about long, healthy, locks of hair that I would love to play with.
According to Alysia's social media page, she is 100% natural but wears her hair in a straight state. In one post, she posted a image of her natural curls and stated she was working on bring her natural curls back to life. I take it that she is aware of heat damage. 
Despite the minimal heat damage, her hair is looks great. I recall her stating that she does deep condition her hair, but she did not list the products in which she uses. When her hair is straight, it seems to be the silkiest form of strands that make you want to reach out and touch it. I would have to say, she is one of few celebrities that I keep on eye on as far as hair goes.